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Nutrition Surgery Jul 12, 2021

Optimizing Surgical Outcomes With Perioperative Nutrition

The most common reasons for readmission to the hospital within 30 days of discharge from a surgical procedure are gastrointestinal complications, surgical infections, and malnutrition. Find out how perioperative nutrition interventions can help optimize a patient’s overall nutritional status before, during, and after surgery, which not only reduces risk for postoperative complications, but also improves patient outcomes and overall quality of life.

Nutrition Apr 8, 2019

Healthy Skin, Healthy You

Summer can be tough on your skin. With increased sun exposure, time spent outside, sweat, and the occasional sugary snowcone, you’ll want to take extra steps to ensure your skin is as healthy and glowing as it can be this summer!

Nutrition Sep 14, 2018

Carbohydrates – Friend or Foe?

Diet trends and fads seem to come and go and we still have a hard time losing weight. So what’s the catch, is there something we are missing, is there really a secret? UT Health Austin dietitian talks about diet trends and carbs, whether they are good or bad for you.

Nutrition Orthopedics Mar 21, 2018

Spring Back Into Your Fitness Programs!

You shouldn’t have to let joint and muscle pain hold you back from doing what you love this season. To ensure you are able get the most out of the nice weather and your fitness programs, we talked with our experienced orthopedic physicians about the best approach to protecting your joints while being active.

Neurosciences Nutrition Feb 12, 2018

Dark Chocolate and Your Brain

Once known as the food of the gods, chocolate is more than just a rich flavorful treat, it has long been renowned for its purported medicinal benefits as well. Recent studies have explored the connection between chocolate (more specifically cocoa flavanols, which act as antioxidants) and heart disease, mood, behavior and cognition.