Quality Care, Patient Safety, and Infection Prevention and Control

Health Transformation Building 1601 Trinity Street, Bldg. A, Austin, TX 78712

About This Initiative

UT Health Austin’s Quality Care, Patient Safety, and Infection Prevention and Control initiative aims to prevent and reduce risks, errors, and adverse effects associated with healthcare delivery. We are committed to improving the quality of patient care by developing and implementing evidence-based patient safety practices that promote optimal health outcomes. Our goal is to ensure patients are receiving the highest quality of care in the safest healthcare environment possible.

Quality Care

Our experienced healthcare professionals deliver personalized, whole-person care of uncompromising quality and treat each patient as an individual with unique circumstances, priorities, and beliefs. We put you, your family, your goals, and your preferences at the center of your care. Working with you, your care team creates an individualized care plan to help you reach the goals that matter most to you — in the care room and beyond. We integrate health and behavioral health services to better understand you as a person, and your care team is here to listen, learn, and communicate with you throughout your treatment to ensure your care always meets your needs. We also collaborate with our colleagues at the Dell Medical School and The University of Texas at Austin to utilize the latest research, diagnostic, and treatment techniques, allowing us to provide you with the highest quality of care and improve patient outcomes.

The values that are at the forefront of our care include:

  • Empowerment: Providing the tools that allow you to make informed decisions about your health
  • Trust: Listening to your health goals and helping you achieve them
  • Connection: Striving to better understand you as a person
  • Respect: Recognizing the value of your lifetime of experience
  • Excellence: Delivering multidisciplinary, team-based health care that meets your individual needs
  • Impact: Improving your health through the power of compassionate, whole-person care

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Patient Safety

Safe patient care involves developing and implementing evidence-based practices that prevent and reduce risks, errors, and adverse effects associated with healthcare delivery. A well-established safety culture is critical to patient safety and improving health outcomes. At UT Health Austin, we promote a strong culture of safety by reporting and openly discussing adverse events, with the goal of establishing and applying systematic changes to prevent future adverse events and improve patient safety and quality of care.

Patient safety includes:

  • Protecting private patient information
  • Providing effective communication
  • Delivering timely care
  • Minimizing physical, mental, or emotional harm
  • Listening to and applying patient feedback

Infection Prevention and Control

Infection prevention and control practices prevent or stop the spread of infections in healthcare settings and are essential for achieving safe and high-quality healthcare delivery. Standard infection prevention and control precautions are prevention practices that apply to patient care in all healthcare settings. These practices are designed to protect patients and prevent the spread of infections.

Standard infection prevention and control precautions include:

  • Hand hygiene in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations
  • Routine and targeted environmental cleaning and disinfection of contaminated surfaces and medical equipment
  • Injection and medication safety
  • Risk assessments
  • Use of appropriate personal protective equipment (e.g., gloves, gowns, face masks)
  • Minimizing potential exposures through early detection and management of potentially infectious patients

We Want to Hear From You

At UT Health Austin, we value your experience. We measure various aspects of patient satisfaction to support our efforts to promote patient safety and improve patient care.

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Our Facility

UT Health Austin sign on the south side of the Health Transformation Building as seen from the street with alternating flags of teal and burnt orange on the west side.
UT Health Austin building's west façade with UT Health Austin flags in alternating colors of teal and burnt orange.

UT Health Austin is housed in the Health Transformation Building (HTB). The HTB is located in downtown Austin, TX on The University of Texas at Austin campus and neighbors the Dell Medical School research and learning buildings as well as the Dell Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas.

This facility is outfitted with the latest state-of-the-art technology and organized to support an unmatched level of multidisciplinary care. Patients have access to all of the resources and amenities UT Health Austin has to offer, including attached garage parking, comfortable waiting areas, an on-site cafe, a full-service H-E-B pharmacy, advanced imaging and lab testing, and an Ambulatory Surgery Center for same-day surgical care.