About UT Health Austin

Beginning in 2014, physicians and other medical professionals began the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin. Today, these leaders are “practicing what they teach” and creating a new kind of care with UT Health Austin. 

From the state-of-the-art Health Transformation Building, our clinicians are committed to providing high-quality care for all. Reflecting the thinking of hundreds of experienced medical and administrative professionals, there are four driving ideas behind everything we do:

Every patient is the center of their own, personalized care team.

Working with you, your care team creates an individualized care plan to help you reach your goals both in the care room and beyond.

Every patient is an individual with unique circumstances, values and needs.

Beginning on day one, your team will consider factors such as your age, overall health, lifestyle goals and weight into your care plan. We believe that understanding your personal situation improves your chances for long-term success.

Measuring what matters helps everyone do better.

At UT Health Austin, we measure outcomes that patients value most. Your care team makes your goals a priority — and meeting those goals the ultimate measure of our success. 

Make expert health care part of your healthy lifestyle.

We believe that including trained medical professionals in your health and wellness activities can help you get healthy and stay healthy.

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Our team-based approach makes you the center of your care.