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Newsletters 2019

July 2019: A Rare Congenital Heart Defect That Takes a Team to Treat; What is Women’s Reproductive Mental Health; Curbing the Symptoms of IBS; Rising Above the Setbacks; LIVESTRONG Hematologic Oncology

June 2019: Women’s Reproductive Mental Health; UTHA Cognitive Disorders Center recognized for Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis and Care; Osteoporosis and Bone Density Screenings; Men, Take More Control of Your Health!; The Invisible Benefits of Exercise at Every Age

May 2019: Getting to the Heart of What Matters Most - Penguins; Vaccinations and Immunizations; Hypertension 101; Living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS); UT Health LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes

April 2019: Musculoskeletal Institute’s Sports and Injury Clinic; Why Did Donna Shanor choose Social Work?; Chronic Pain Explained; Sunscreen and Nutrition; What You Should Know Before You Get Pregnant

March 2019: LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes Approach to Care (Gastrointestinal Cancer); Colorectal Cancer Interview with Dr. Capasso; March is Endometriosis Month; What is Barrett’s Esophagus?; Medical Specialties Clinic Opens

February 2019: A New Approach to Cancer Care (Gynecologic Cancer); Congenital Heart Disease; Meet the Team Behind the Surgeons; 80% of People Experience Some Type of Back Pain; The Surprising Health Benefits of Love

January 2019: Cecelia’s Story; Education, opportunities and hope for the future of fertility; Annual Exams are just as important for adults as they are for kids; UTHA Physicians recognized on Austin’s Top Doctors List; Menopause Q&A

Newsletters 2018

December 2018: Caring for the Caregivers; Heartburn, Acid Reflux, GERD; 10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s; Austin Allergy Madness; Pelvic Floor Pro Says Kegels are NOT for Everyone.

November 2018: Mustaches for Movember: Let’s Talk about Men’s Health; Hook ‘Em Get’s a Check Up (video); Patient Story: Kat D; Joaquin’s Story of Cardiac Arrest Survival; Ob/Gyn and Family Planning Available

October 2018: Got GERD? So did Dr. Tripp Buckley; Bacteria or Virus (video); Break Out Your Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness; How much do you know about Bipolar Disease?; Injured: Know how to ease back into your sport

September 2018: No Your Knee Pain is not in your head?; Rheumatology Clinic Now Open; Carbohydrates: Friend or Foe?; Primary Care Clinic - now scheduling appointments.

August 2018: You Can’t Take a Picture of Pain; 6 Physical Therapy Exercises You Can Try at Home; What is Vulvodynia?; Study Shows Promise for Heartburn Patients; Well Woman Exams and Gynecology - Now scheduling appointments

July 2018: Understanding the Role of the Social Worker; Got GERD - Popular Summertime Foods May be the Culprit; Seeing is Believing: How Imaging Changed Healthcare Forever; Patient Story: Surgery May Not Always be the Best Option for Managing Pain; Summer Fun: 10 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

June 2018: Meet the Concierge Team; Women’s Health Mammography and Imaging Services; Heat Related Illness and How to Stay Safe this Summer; Patient Story - Meet Chris - Knee Pain won’t stop her Golf Game; UT Health in the Community

May 2018: What does it mean to be an Academic Medical Center; New Sports and Injury Clinic opens; Q & A with Cognitive Disorders Center; Urinary Incontinence video

April 2018: Building Compassion into your care; Patient Stories: Michael and Amy; Travel Smart this Summer; Celebrating Patient Successes Video

March Status Update: UT Health Austin adds three new clinic offerings

March 2018: It’s About What Matters to You; Spring Back into Your Fitness Programs; Endometriosis; Pre-eminent Pediatric Heart Surgeon Joins Dell Children’s; Meet our Pelvic Floor Therapist Video

February 2018: Meet Your Personal Care Team; Love and the Unexpected Benefits on Health and Well-Being; Dark Chocolate may have a positive impact on cognitive Health; Flu Shots and Care Team Video

January 2018: Everything we Do is Focused on You; Annual Exams and Screenings; Your Lifestyle can Impact your Joints; Resolve to Take Urinary Incontinence Seriously; About UT Health Austin