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Treat you and your loved ones to a sweet and safe Halloween with these tips.

A weekly virtual art workshop provides an outlet for patients in the Post-COVID-19 Program at UT Health Austin.

Activity General Health Oct 11, 2022

Get back into the rhythm of your routine by speeding up your post-festival recovery with this kit.

Activity General Health Oct 6, 2022

Rock out with your loved ones at any concert and festival this season with the aid of this survival kit.

Activity General Health Oct 4, 2022

Whether it's your first visit to Austin or you've become quite the Austinite, without proper preparation, your festival experience may be cut short. Explore these tips on how you can stay hydrated and healthy during festival season.

Activity General Health Sep 29, 2022

From Austin City Limits to SXSW, music enthusiasts come from all over to enjoy the live events that take place annually in Central Texas. Whether you're planning to attend your first festival or you've become quite the festivalgoer, it’s important to address healthy hearing to ensure you can enjoy the music scene for many more years to come.

Activity Orthopedics Jun 30, 2022

Anthony Johnson, MD, and Tammy Noel, MSN, served on the Medical Team for Team Texas during this year's event.

Outdoor activities are in full swing and that means we're all soaking up a lot more sun and hot weather, exposing ourselves to heat-related illness.

Activity Ophthalmology May 12, 2022

Medical students with a passion for ophthalmology bring the Lion King to life for students who are blind and visually impaired

Activity Orthopedics Jul 7, 2021

UT Health Austin board-certified family medicine specialist and fellowship-trained sports medicine specialist J. Mica Guzman, Jr., MD, breaks down common misconceptions related to sports injuries.

UT Health Austin bone health expert J. Mica Guzman, MD, MS, DABFM, CAQSM, discusses how maintaining your bone health throughout your life can help prevent a variety of health conditions, including osteoporosis, osteopenia, fragility fractures, and stress fractures as well as other forms of bone loss that may occur as you age.

UT Health Austin registered dietitian Krystle Zuniga, PhD, RD, LD, shares 7 tips for committing to a healthier lifestyle.

Activity Orthopedics Sep 1, 2020

UT Health Austin board-certified family medicine specialist and fellowship-trained sports medicine specialist J. Mica Guzman, MD, who serves as the Primary Care Clinical Director of UT Health Austin’s Sports and Injury Clinic, provides insight on concussion symptoms, treatment, and prevention for athletes and recreational sports enthusiasts who may be at risk during play.

You may need more than just an annual wellness check depending on your involvement in activities. Here's a review of the different types of exams you or your family may need.

Don't overlook the benefits of fitting exercise into your daily routine just because you're stuck at home. UT Health Austin physical therapists have compiled effective ways for you to fit in a good workout that require no equipment, no gym, and little to no money.

Activity Orthopedics Feb 12, 2020

UT Health Austin's Sports and Injury Clinic treats all athletes, including your everyday jogger, adaptive athletes, and athletes with disabilities. Learn how UT Health Austin orthopedic surgeon, Anthony Johnson, MD, FAOA, FACS, FAAOS, and his team are uniquely equipped to care for the needs of tactical athletes.

Activity Orthopedics Dec 10, 2019

Heading to the slopes this season? Specialists in UT Health Austin’s Sports and Injury Clinic address the most common winter sports injuries and share tips on avoiding a potential trip to the emergency room this winter season.

Activity Orthopedics May 8, 2019

Whether it’s riding their bike, playing pirates outside with their friends, or being enrolled in soccer or dance, regular exercise can provide a variety of benefits to people of all ages.

Activity Orthopedics Nov 1, 2018

Let’s talk about that infamous stitch you get in your side during an intense cardio workout. What causes this intrusive side cramp, what can you do to get rid of it, and are there ways to completely prevent it?

Activity Orthopedics Sep 20, 2018

If you’re an athlete, it’s tough to be sidelined due to an injury. We know it’s difficult to sit back and watch the action while you recover. So how long should you wait and what’s the best way to get back into your activity after an injury? Sports and Injury clinical specialists discuss the safest way to get back into the game after an injury.

Activity General Health Aug 23, 2018

With high temperatures, it’s important to be aware that heat illness in athletes (but it can happen to anyone) can be a risk that should be taken very seriously. UT Health Austin sports and injury specialists discuss heat illness risk and how you can stay safe.