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UT Health Austin providers share what to know about the common habit ­– and when to break it.

Orthopedics Nov 10, 2022

The Sports and Injury Clinic’s expansive approach to sports medicine helps first responders, military personnel, and more perform to the best of their ability.

When the CEO of Special Olympics Texas injured his Achilles tendon, he trusted the Sports and Injury Clinic with his treatment.

Orthopedics Oct 17, 2022

Practitioners at the Musculoskeletal Institute help patients prevent bone fractures before they occur.

In this two-part series, UT Health Austin clinicians discuss the importance of adequate caloric intake for young athletes.

In this two-part series, UT Health Austin clinicians discuss the importance of adequate caloric intake for young athletes.

UT Health Austin chiropractor Sylvia Deily, DC, Cert MDT, shares insight on how to stay healthy and active when sitting all day as you return to work or school.

Orthopedics Pediatrics Jul 19, 2022

J. Mica Guzman, MD, offers tips to keep your kid safe as they gear up for the athletic season.

Activity Orthopedics Jun 30, 2022

Anthony Johnson, MD, and Tammy Noel, MSN, served on the Medical Team for Team Texas during this year's event.

Orthopedics Feb 15, 2022

At UT Health Austin’s award-winning Musculoskeletal Institute, continuity of care is a leading concern and goal. Find out how the Musculoskeletal Institute's continuity of care extends beyond the clinical practice and into the Central Texas community.

Orthopedics Surgery Feb 3, 2022

Before agreeing to a surgery as significant as a full hip replacement, Jeff applied his investigative skills to determine his range of potential choices, not only regarding what type of care he would receive, but also who he would choose to deliver that care. Find out why he chose to receive care through UT Health Austin's Musculoskeletal Institue.

Orthopedics Videos Sep 28, 2021

In this installment of "Asking for a Friend," chiropractors Sylvia Deily, DC, Cert-MDT and Devin Williams, DC, NP-C from UT Health Austin's Musculoskeletal Institute answer your questions from social media.

Activity Orthopedics Jul 7, 2021

UT Health Austin board-certified family medicine specialist and fellowship-trained sports medicine specialist J. Mica Guzman, Jr., MD, breaks down common misconceptions related to sports injuries.

UT Health Austin bone health expert J. Mica Guzman, MD, MS, DABFM, CAQSM, discusses how maintaining your bone health throughout your life can help prevent a variety of health conditions, including osteoporosis, osteopenia, fragility fractures, and stress fractures as well as other forms of bone loss that may occur as you age.

UT Health Austin physicians are making it possible for patients and families to receive the care they need by eliminating barriers in healthcare access. Find out how cross clinic collaboration and care coordination helped a caregiver and her family better care for their mother during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Activity Orthopedics Sep 1, 2020

UT Health Austin board-certified family medicine specialist and fellowship-trained sports medicine specialist J. Mica Guzman, MD, who serves as the Primary Care Clinical Director of UT Health Austin’s Sports and Injury Clinic, provides insight on concussion symptoms, treatment, and prevention for athletes and recreational sports enthusiasts who may be at risk during play.

You may need more than just an annual wellness check depending on your involvement in activities. Here's a review of the different types of exams you or your family may need.

COVID-19 Orthopedics Videos Jun 17, 2020

As a result of COVID-19, UT Health Austin has expanded healthcare delivery options. Learn how the Musculoskeletal Institute's approach to telehealth ensures patients continue to receive high-value care in a multidisciplinary environment.

Has working from home become, quite literally, a pain in the neck? While we can’t relieve the pressure your boss may be putting on you, UT Health Austin chiropractors can help you make minor adjustments to your workspace to reduce your joint pain.

Excessive time spent at home may lead to a more sedentary lifestyle. If you are experiencing aches and pains from lack of movement, explore these at-home physical therapy exercises to help relax tense muscles, reduce aches, and make you feel better overall.

Activity Orthopedics Feb 12, 2020

UT Health Austin's Sports and Injury Clinic treats all athletes, including your everyday jogger, adaptive athletes, and athletes with disabilities. Learn how UT Health Austin orthopedic surgeon, Anthony Johnson, MD, FAOA, FACS, FAAOS, and his team are uniquely equipped to care for the needs of tactical athletes.

Orthopedics Surgery Feb 10, 2020

Find out why orthopedic experts in UT Health Austin's Musculoskeletal Institute claim prehabilitation (prehab) training, physical conditioning, and stamina are all important factors before and after surgery.

Activity Orthopedics Dec 10, 2019

Heading to the slopes this season? Specialists in UT Health Austin’s Sports and Injury Clinic address the most common winter sports injuries and share tips on avoiding a potential trip to the emergency room this winter season.

Approximately 20% of adults in the United States experience chronic pain, and of those experiencing pain, between 67-88% also have sleep issues. Learn more about the relationship between pain and sleep and how you can successfully manage both.

After an accident that left Heather as a bilateral above-knee amputee she has determined there is nothing she can't do. With the help of sports and injury orthopedist, Dr. AJ Johnson, Heather is working to recover from and injury and become and even stronger athlete.

Activity Orthopedics May 8, 2019

Whether it’s riding their bike, playing pirates outside with their friends, or being enrolled in soccer or dance, regular exercise can provide a variety of benefits to people of all ages.

Orthopedics Videos Apr 9, 2019

Because today is tomorrow's time to beat

Orthopedics Videos Apr 8, 2019

What's the reality of living with arthritis? KVUE talked with this year's Arthritis Foundation Texas honorees, including UT Health Austin medical honoree, Kevin Bozic, MD, about their experiences with the condition and how they participate in raising awareness for a cure.

Neurosciences Orthopedics Feb 12, 2019

It’s estimated that up to 80% of the population will experience back or neck pain at some point in their lives. Pain can be a complex experience, so it’s important to understand the type of pain you may be experiencing, and the cause in order to determine the best way to alleviate it.

Cecelia started ballet classes at the age of four, probably completely unaware that it would become such a huge part of her life and her career. And now at age 56, still young, still vibrant, and still strong, she still dances. But it wasn’t until recently she was even able to think about dancing again and her journey back to the dance floor wasn’t easy.

Orthopedics Rheumatology Nov 13, 2018

"I might have it, but it doesn’t have me."

Orthopedics Rheumatology Nov 12, 2018

Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage in the joint begins to break down causing the underlying bone to change leading to symptoms of pain, swelling, stiffness and decreased motion or flexibility. Dr. Karl Koenig, orthopedic surgeon of the Musculoskeletal Institute talks about the causes of arthritis and what you can do to help alleviate symptoms.

Activity Orthopedics Nov 1, 2018

Let’s talk about that infamous stitch you get in your side during an intense workout. Find out what causes this intrusive side cramp, how you can get rid of it, and whether it's preventable.

Lorrie moved 1,500 miles away from her family in Houston, to Boston, Massachusetts to fulfill her vocation to become a Catholic sister. But Lorrie’s knee pain continued to hold her back and she was sadly forced to relocate back to Texas to find a surgeon for her knees. Her story shows strength in overcoming obstacles to fulfill her dream of helping others.

Activity Orthopedics Sep 20, 2018

If you’re an athlete, it’s tough to be sidelined due to an injury. We know it’s difficult to sit back and watch the action while you recover. So how long should you wait and what’s the best way to get back into your activity after an injury? Sports and Injury clinical specialists discuss the safest way to get back into the game after an injury.

Orthopedics Sep 20, 2018

Unfortunately, the evolutionary design of our bodies is really only meant to last through reproductive and child rearing age, so as we move into our later 40s and 50s we tend to see a breakdown in our bones, cartilage and within our bodies in general. Karl Koenig, MD, discusses arthritis as you age and how you can keep symptoms in check.

Orthopedics Sep 14, 2018

Have you ever experienced a flare-up of joint pain the day before it rains or whenever the season changes to colder weather? It's not just you and it's not just in your head. Karl Koenig, MD, talks about how joint pain works and why it happens more as you age.

Orthopedics Sep 4, 2018

UT Health Austin sports medicine specialist reveals the most common sports injuries.

Neurosciences Orthopedics Aug 15, 2018

Back Pain Clinical Director Mark Queralt, M.D. observes there is no imaging system that can take a picture of pain, which is why images are just one of the three important tools he and his team use when caring for patients.

Orthopedics Jul 16, 2018

For someone as active as Eduardo, struggling with knee pain was starting to take its toll. Between walking seven miles per day at work and his active participation in sports outside of work, the Musculoskeletal Institute put together a treatment plan that would allow him to continue with his active lifestyle.

Orthopedics Jun 21, 2018

Chris wasn’t about to let her knee pain prevent her from playing golf, there was no pain that couldn’t be overcome in her eyes. After her visit with the Musculoskeletal Institute her treatment plan allowed her to continue playing golf and winning tournaments with a knee stronger than before.

Orthopedics May 3, 2018

Associate Provider, Devin Williams, DC, NP-C, talks about celebrating patient successes during each step of their treatment. When a patient has a step towards those goals to really make sure that they know that you care about that and that you understand how hard that was to accomplish. We want to be there for them every step of the way!

As we get older - arthritis and pain play a role in staying active. You may see a decline in how active you can be because of joint pain. How do you know when its time to see a specialist? Dr. Kevin Bozic, Orthopedic surgeon with UT Health Austin's Musculoskeletal Institute speaks with KXANs Gigi Barnett about arthritis and aging.

Orthopedics Apr 13, 2018

Before John received bilateral knee replacement surgery, simple things like getting around his own home, taking his two dogs out for a walk and getting a healthy amount of sleep each night were extremely difficult. After bilateral knee surgery done by UT Health Austin's Dr. Kevin Bozic, John looks forward to a bright future.

Orthopedics Mar 26, 2018

As man who has earned an honest living from hard work throughout his entire career, debilitating pain in his right knee, seriously hindered Michael's quality of life. After being seen and treated at the Musculoskeletal Institute, he has been able to return to work and enjoy his life again.

Nutrition Orthopedics Mar 21, 2018

You shouldn’t have to let joint and muscle pain hold you back from doing what you love this season. To ensure you are able get the most out of the nice weather and your fitness programs, we talked with our experienced orthopedic physicians about the best approach to protecting your joints while being active.

Orthopedics Mar 20, 2018

The idea of a patient working with a physician and a care team made up of a diverse group of health care professionals with a variety of different skills to achieve a health-related goal may sound a bit unexpected to some people, which, says Dr. Kevin Bozic, is what differentiates UT Health Austin.

Orthopedics Jan 16, 2018

Between 2013 and 2015, an estimated 54.4 million US adults annually were diagnosed with some form of chronic joint pain. While joint pain may become more prevalent with age, it does not have to be inevitable, there are lifestyle changes you can make to reduce symptoms and improve function.

Last year, David Warren was in a wheelchair. Today, he's hiking Enchanted Rock. After losing his home and his business in the 2011 Bastrop fires, Warren had little hope and was experiencing extreme pain, but after receiving treatment at the Musculoskeletal Institute he's out of a wheelchair and back to enjoying life again.