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Orthopedics Surgery Feb 3, 2022

Information, Communication, and Trust

Before agreeing to a surgery as significant as a full hip replacement, Jeff applied his investigative skills to determine his range of potential choices, not only regarding what type of care he would receive, but also who he would choose to deliver that care. Find out why he chose to receive care through UT Health Austin's Musculoskeletal Institue.

Eliminating Barriers in Health Care Even When Faced With Unforeseen Challenges

UT Health Austin physicians are making it possible for patients and families to receive the care they need by eliminating barriers in healthcare access. Find out how cross clinic collaboration and care coordination helped a caregiver and her family better care for their mother during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Orthopedics Sep 20, 2018

The Aging Athlete

Unfortunately, the evolutionary design of our bodies is really only meant to last through reproductive and child rearing age, so as we move into our later 40s and 50s we tend to see a breakdown in our bones, cartilage and within our bodies in general. Karl Koenig, MD, discusses arthritis as you age and how you can keep symptoms in check.

Orthopedics Jul 16, 2018

Staying in the Game

For someone as active as Eduardo, struggling with knee pain was starting to take its toll. Between walking seven miles per day at work and his active participation in sports outside of work, the Musculoskeletal Institute put together a treatment plan that would allow him to continue with his active lifestyle.

Orthopedics Jun 21, 2018

Knee Pain Won’t Hold Chris Back

Chris wasn’t about to let her knee pain prevent her from playing golf, there was no pain that couldn’t be overcome in her eyes. After her visit with the Musculoskeletal Institute her treatment plan allowed her to continue playing golf and winning tournaments with a knee stronger than before.

Orthopedics May 3, 2018

Celebrating Patient Successes

Associate Provider, Devin Williams, DC, NP-C, talks about celebrating patient successes during each step of their treatment. When a patient has a step towards those goals to really make sure that they know that you care about that and that you understand how hard that was to accomplish. We want to be there for them every step of the way!