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Rheumatology Videos Aug 11, 2022

UT Health Austin rheumatologist Kevin V. Hackshaw, MD, explains the role of exercise in arthritis management.

Outdoor activities are in full swing and that means we're all soaking up a lot more sun and hot weather, exposing ourselves to heat-related illness.

Videos Women's Health May 24, 2022

In the fourth installment of a four-part series, UT Health Austin obstetrician-gynecologist Karla Maguire, MD, MPH, answers the most commonly searched questions about post-partum pregnancy, commonly referred to as the "fourth" trimester.

A UT Health Austin neuropsychologist answers the top 10 questions he gets asked about the aging brain.

Videos Women's Health Mar 18, 2022

In the third installment of a four-part series, UT Health Austin obstetrician-gynecologist Max Holtz MD, MPH, answers the most commonly searched questions about the second trimester of pregnancy.

Videos Women's Health Feb 11, 2022

In the second installment of a four-part series, UT Health Austin obstetrician-gynecologist Justine Reilly, MD, answers the most commonly searched questions about the second trimester of pregnancy.

Videos Women's Health Jan 7, 2022

In the first installment of a four-part series, UT Health Austin obstetrician-gynecologist Denise Johnson, MD, answers the most commonly searched questions about the first trimester of pregnancy.

UT Health Austin and Dell Children’s Medical Center are excited to announce that as they continue to expand pediatric cardiac care services in Central Texas, three leading cardiac care physicians, D. Byron Holt, MD, FSCAI, Chesney Castleberry, MD, and Hitesh Agrawal, MD, MBA, FSCAI, have formally joined the Texas Center for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease.

Orthopedics Videos Sep 28, 2021

In this installment of "Asking for a Friend," chiropractors Sylvia Deily, DC, Cert-MDT and Devin Williams, DC, NP-C from UT Health Austin's Musculoskeletal Institute answer your questions from social media.

UT Health Austin rheumatologist Kevin Hackshaw, MD, investigates potential biomarkers for fibromyalgia to support early diagnosis and unveil new treatment options.

COVID-19 Videos Aug 2, 2021

UT Health Austin internal medicine specialist W. Michael Brode, MD, serves as the Medical Director of UT Health Austin’s Post-COVID-19 Program. Learn how this program is committed to expanding the collective capacity to care for COVID-19 “long-haulers” across Central Texas by developing clinical guidance and educational support for frontline healthcare professionals.

Ophthalmology Videos Jul 14, 2021

In this installment of "Asking for a Friend," ophthalmologists Eileen Bowden, MD, and Eric Crowell, MD, MPH, from UT Health Austin's Mitchel and Shannon Wong Eye Institute answer your questions from social media.

Levi was born with a ventricular septal defect, a more common congenital heart defect characterized by a hole in the ventricular septum, that can sometimes close as a child grows. But when Levi's hole didn't close his family was prepared to travel anywhere across the nation to make sure he received the best care possible. To their surprise, they ended up finding a world-class pediatric cardiac care team right here in Central Texas.

The Heart Failure, VAD, and Transplant Program, a specialty program within the Texas Center for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease, successfully performs the first pediatric heart transplant in Central Texas, providing 18-year-old Gerado with a lifesaving heart transplant.

UT Health Austin internal medicine specialist Scott Selinger, MD, FACP, shares advice on safely celebrating the Fourth of July during COVID-19.

COVID-19 Orthopedics Videos Jun 17, 2020

As a result of COVID-19, UT Health Austin has expanded healthcare delivery options. Learn how the Musculoskeletal Institute's approach to telehealth ensures patients continue to receive high-value care in a multidisciplinary environment.

June is Men's Health Month. Explore these five reasons why men shouldn't put off visiting their doctor.

Learn more about your body's immune system and how exactly immunity works.

COVID-19 Videos May 4, 2020

Managing COVID-19 may depend on robust contact tracing programs. But what exactly is contact tracing, and how does it help society battle infectious diseases? Learn the basics of this time-tested public health strategy and what you can do, starting now, to help your community in the fight against COVID-19.

Explore COVID-19 precautions for those employees who are returning to work.

COVID-19 Videos Apr 22, 2020

Whether it be for work, school, or catching up with friends and family, video conferencing has become an important part of our daily lives. Check out these seven tips on looking and sounding your best during video conference calls.

Severely painful periods are not normal and can be a sign of a more serious problem. Women's Health experts Christina Salazar, MD, and Michael Breen, MD, discuss causes, symptoms, risk factors, diagnoses, and treatment options for endometriosis as well as current research being conducted to potentially diagnose endometriosis without surgery.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. While heart disease may be common, it doesn’t have to be inevitable. Watch our video for tips on how to keep your heart healthy and happy.

UT Health Austin pediatric congenital heart surgeon Carlos Mery, MD, discusses a new collaborative research study for patients with single-ventricle congenital heart disease.

Get to know UT Health Austin epileptologist David Clarke, MD, who serves as the Director of the Dell Children's Comprehensive Pediatric Epilepsy Center within UT Health Austin Pediatric Neurosciences at Dell Children’s. Find out how Dr. Clarke's origin and background influence his approach to caring for children with epilepsy around the world.

UT Health Austin medical oncologist Laura Chow, MD, who specializes in head and neck cancers, finds 73% of head and neck cancers are caused by vaccine-preventable human papillomavirus (HPV).

UT Health Austin partners with Dell Children’s Medical Center to establish the Comprehensive Pediatric Epilepsy Program. This level 4 epilepsy center consists of a team of over 20 specialists, each bringing a unique perspective and skillset to ensure the most well-rounded pediatric care.

UT Health Austin neuropsychologist Robin Hilsabeck, PhD, shares advice on helping loved ones with Alzheimer's disease and their caregivers cope with guests and celebrations during the holidays.

F. Tripp Buckley, MD, FACS, Director of the Heartburn and Esophageal Disorders Center shares advice for avoiding and treating Holiday Heartburn with KVUE.

Cancer Videos Nov 4, 2019

Elizabeth Kvale, MD, Director of Survivorship for the Livestrong Cancer Institutes explains the importance of palliative care for patients and their caregivers with KXAN.

Yvette Williams-Brown, MD, from UT Health Austin’s Livestrong Cancer Institutes discusses Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month with KXAN.

Neurosciences Videos Aug 5, 2019

L,éorah Freeman MD, PhD, with UT Health Austin’s Mulva Clinic for the Neurosciences Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology Center spoke with KXAN about multiple sclerosis and a new movement program she developed for MS patients.

What is women's reproductive health? Dr. Jeffrey Newport, psychiatrist, talks with KXAN news about the considerations women should take around mental health and pregnancy and explains more about UT Health Austin's new reproductive mental health program.

Dell Children’s Medical Center celebrated the opening of its new pediatric cardiac care unit, a part of UT Health Austin's Texas Center for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease. The 24-bed inpatient unit includes state-of-the-art technology and will be the first and only dedicated pediatric cardiac care unit in Central Texas.

Neurosciences Videos Jun 3, 2019

Contrary to what most people may think, Alzheimer's is not a normal part of aging, but it is the 6th leading cause of death in this country. Experts say getting diagnosed early is key to manage this disease. That's why the Comprehensive Memory Center (CMC) was recently recognized by the Texas Health and Human Services commission for their work with Alzheimer's patients.

Videos Women's Health May 6, 2019

Uchenna Ossai, DPT, Pelvic Health Program Manager in Women's Health, discusses why women should recognize the importance of maintaining good pelvic floor health, before, during and after pregnancy.

General Health Videos May 3, 2019

UT Health Austin supports Health Records on iPhone, which brings together hospitals, clinics and the existing Apple Health app to make it easy for patients to see their available medical data from multiple providers.

Orthopedics Videos Apr 9, 2019

Because today is tomorrow's time to beat

Orthopedics Videos Apr 8, 2019

What's the reality of living with arthritis? KVUE talked with this year's Arthritis Foundation Texas honorees, including UT Health Austin medical honoree, Kevin Bozic, MD, about their experiences with the condition and how they participate in raising awareness for a cure.

We talked with UT Health Austin’s Director of Clinical Social Work, Donna Shanor, LCSW, LCDC, about what drives her each day to make an impact, but to fully understand, we had to go back to the beginning, back to why she chose social work, her “defining moment.”

March is colorectal cancer month! Colon Cancer is the 3rd highest cause of death in both men and women. In 2019, clinicians predict that over 150,000 new cases will be diagnosed with 51,000 deaths. Dr. Anna Capasso discusses incidence, screenings and care in an interview with KXAN.

General Health Videos Feb 27, 2019

Vaccinations protect you from contagious diseases like Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Tetanus, Hepatitis A, and more. UT Health Austin Nurse Practitioner, Kristin Vinueza, talks about the importance of vaccines not just for protecting yourself but your community too.

General Health Videos Jan 15, 2019

Jeff Saniuk, Nurse Practitioner in UT Health Austin's Walk-In Clinic speaks with KXAN about the importance of annual exams for adults. Establishing a relationship with your primary care physician can also provide many benefits such as having someone who knows you manage your ongoing health needs, having a central location for medical records and more.

General Health Videos Nov 12, 2018

Your favorite mascot, Hook 'Em, stopped by the UT Health Austin Walk-In Clinic for a quick check-up and to get his annual flu shot! Turns out his health is in good shape, so no need to worry. If you need a check-up, be like Hook 'Em and make an appointment today.

Videos Women's Health Oct 29, 2018

Many women suffer from vulvodynia, or pain of the vulva. UT Health Austin Physician Assistant, Teresa Reed, talks with KXAN about vulvodynia, symptoms and treatment options available to women so they don't have to suffer with pain.

General Health Videos Sep 13, 2018

Is it a virus or a bacterial infection? It is important to pay attention to symptoms you may be experiencing when you are sick. Visiting your primary care provider can also be helpful in figuring out what kind of infection you have and whether or not you may need antibiotics as a form of treatment.

General Health Videos Aug 4, 2018

Karl Koenig, MD, orthopedic surgeon and medical director of the Musculoskeletal Institute discusses the care team approach and how the model allows him and his team help patients who also DON'T need surgery.

General Health Videos Jul 19, 2018

In order to provide whole-person care here at UT Health Austin, social workers play a crucial role in helping patients manage their diagnosis as well as any personal, social or emotional difficulties they may also be experiencing to ensure they are receiving the highest quality of care and support possible.

Gastroenterology Videos Jul 7, 2018

Dr. Tripp Buckley with UT Health Austin's Heartburn and Esophageal Disorders Center says that 60 million people suffer from GERD (gastrointestinal reflux disease), acid reflux or heartburn twice a day affecting their quality of life. Dr. Buckley and team conducted a study that looks at an outpatient surgical procedure to see if we can help those patients.

General Health Videos Jun 4, 2018

Resulting in numerous fatalities each year, high heat and humidity are a dangerous combination and one of the leading weather-related killers in the United States. With temperatures soaring into the 100s, now is the time to begin acclimating to the potential for months of hot weather ahead.