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Cancer survivor uses personal experience to influence care delivery for young adult cancer patients by working directly with UT Health Austin's Livestrong Cancer Institutes clinical providers and staff to recognize gaps in support for young adults with cancer.

UT Health Austin’s Livestrong Cancer Institutes launches a Young Adult Cancer Program, the only young adult oncology program in Central Texas, to address gaps in cancer care.

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer diagnosed in women globally. Find out how early detection saves lives.

A cross-campus collaboration between The University of Texas at Austin Moody College of Communication and the Dell Medical School involving the unmet psychosocial needs of young women living with breast cancer is helping UT Health Austin clinicians identify and bridge gaps in clinical care.

Cancer Gastroenterology Apr 8, 2021

UT Health Austin gastroenterologists and surgical and non-surgical heartburn and esophageal disorder specialists discuss how chronic heartburn can be linked to increased cases of esophageal cancer.

In 2017, when Rebecca was 29 years old, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which flipped life as she knew it upside down. Find out how her experiences - both good and bad - have shaped the person she is today and inspired change within the cancer community.

For Bill Holland, battling cancer in the midst of a pandemic was not a part of his life plan. Find out how he overcame his diagnosis and what role his surgical team at UT Health Austin played in helping him make it through.

Cancer Jul 15, 2020

UT Health Austin survivorship and supportive care specialist Elizabeth Kvale, MD, MSPH, explains how integrating a palliative care team from the point of diagnosis can help ease unwanted symptoms and maximize positive outcomes.

Cancer COVID-19 Surgery Jul 6, 2020

Due to COVID-19, patient Ben Dowell had to navigate a changing healthcare system as well as weigh the risk of exposure to receive care during an evolving pandemic. Find out how he overcame these challenges after receiving a cancer diagnosis.

UT Health Austin medical oncologist Laura Chow, MD, who specializes in head and neck cancers, finds 73% of head and neck cancers are caused by vaccine-preventable human papillomavirus (HPV).

Human papillomavirus is the cause of 99% of cervical cancers, 73% of head and neck cancers, and linked to various other cancers of the mouth and genitals. 4 out of every 5 people (a whopping 80%) will contract HPV within their lifetime, yet it's still flying under the radar. Find out why.

Cancer General Health Dec 6, 2019

Genetic testing can be an important preventive health strategy. Learn how UT Health Austin genetic counselor Kalisi Logan consults genetic testing to help her patients better manage their health.

F. Tripp Buckley, MD, FACS, Director of the Heartburn and Esophageal Disorders Center shares advice for avoiding and treating Holiday Heartburn with KVUE.

Cancer Videos Nov 4, 2019

Elizabeth Kvale, MD, Director of Survivorship for the Livestrong Cancer Institutes explains the importance of palliative care for patients and their caregivers with KXAN.

Cancer Oct 10, 2019

For Bill Matsui, MD, Director of the Hematological Malignancies Program at the UT Health Austin Livestrong Cancer Institutes, packing up and moving his skill set to Austin, Texas, was a no-brainer.

Cancer Nutrition Oct 2, 2019

The more research surrounding the impact of diet on the risk of developing cancer improves and evolves, the more we know about the power you have to take your health into your own hands through the food you eat, and that’s something to get excited about.

Cancer Women's Health Sep 17, 2019

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. For some reason, this reproductive cancer may not receive as much attention as other reproductive cancers, but ovarian cancer is serious business.

Yvette Williams-Brown, MD, from UT Health Austin’s Livestrong Cancer Institutes discusses Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month with KXAN.

Cancer Gastroenterology Mar 20, 2019

Overall, it is estimated that more than 15.5 million adults and children with a history of cancer are living in the United States today, a number that is expected to increase to over 20 million by 2026. More people are living longer after a cancer diagnosis. The focus has moved past helping people survive, and toward helping them thrive.

March is colorectal cancer month! Colon Cancer is the 3rd highest cause of death in both men and women. In 2019, clinicians predict that over 150,000 new cases will be diagnosed with 51,000 deaths. Dr. Anna Capasso discusses incidence, screenings and care in an interview with KXAN.

Cancer Women's Health Feb 12, 2019

UT Health Austin's Livestrong Cancer Institutes is excited to announce the launch and opening of the Gynecologic Oncology, a service offered through Women’s Health that is open to anyone who may suspect they have cancer or who already have a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer Aug 13, 2018

The mission of the Livestrong Cancer Institutes at UT Health Austin is to improve patient's cancer experience and quality of life; revolutionize how we treat cancer; and change cancer care for the better.