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Cancer survivor uses personal experience to influence care delivery for young adult cancer patients by working directly with UT Health Austin's Livestrong Cancer Institutes clinical providers and staff to recognize gaps in support for young adults with cancer.

After trying medication for years without any relief, UT Health Austin Digestive Health experts work with patient, Connor Brubaker, to find a permanent solution to the cause of his symptoms.

After being diagnosed with a fetal condition that was deemed untreatable, mom-to-be Amber Cessac sought specialty treatment from fetal medicine specialist Kenneth Moise, Jr., MD, who now serves as the Director of the Comprehensive Fetal Care Center, a clinical partnership between UT Health Austin and Dell Children’s Medical Center.

In 2017, when Rebecca was 29 years old, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which flipped life as she knew it upside down. Find out how her experiences - both good and bad - have shaped the person she is today and inspired change within the cancer community.

UT Health Austin physicians are making it possible for patients and families to receive the care they need by eliminating barriers in healthcare access. Find out how cross clinic collaboration and care coordination helped a caregiver and her family better care for their mother during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For Bill Holland, battling cancer in the midst of a pandemic was not a part of his life plan. Find out how he overcame his diagnosis and what role his surgical team at UT Health Austin played in helping him make it through.

Find out how Kim and Julia, who suffered five miscarriages each, became best friends when UT Health Austin's reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist Winifred Mak, MD, PhD, connected them in hopes that they would find mutual support and comfort in one another in a time of need.

After an accident that left Heather as a bilateral above-knee amputee she has determined there is nothing she can't do. With the help of sports and injury orthopedist, Dr. AJ Johnson, Heather is working to recover from and injury and become and even stronger athlete.

Buddy lived with what he was told were stomach ulcers for over 20 years until was finally correctly diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. One surgery with Dr. Tripp Buckley fixed the problem and he's now living heartburn and pain free and able to enjoy eating any food he wants!

Cecelia started ballet classes at the age of four, probably completely unaware that it would become such a huge part of her life and her career. And now at age 56, still young, still vibrant, and still strong, she still dances. But it wasn’t until recently she was even able to think about dancing again and her journey back to the dance floor wasn’t easy.

Lorrie moved 1,500 miles away from her family in Houston, to Boston, Massachusetts to fulfill her vocation to become a Catholic sister. But Lorrie’s knee pain continued to hold her back and she was sadly forced to relocate back to Texas to find a surgeon for her knees. Her story shows strength in overcoming obstacles to fulfill her dream of helping others.

As a former patient of Women's Health, Amy has been on a mission to bring awareness to vulvodynia, a painful condition many women suffer from often undiagnosed. Hear her story and learn about her journey to wellness, which has inspired others to advocate for change, too!

Last year, David Warren was in a wheelchair. Today, he's hiking Enchanted Rock. After losing his home and his business in the 2011 Bastrop fires, Warren had little hope and was experiencing extreme pain, but after receiving treatment at the Musculoskeletal Institute he's out of a wheelchair and back to enjoying life again.