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Activity General Health Oct 6, 2022

Rock out with your loved ones at any concert and festival this season with the aid of this survival kit.

Activity General Health Oct 4, 2022

In part two of this survival kit, you can ensure a healthy and memorable time at your upcoming concert or festival.

Activity General Health Sep 29, 2022

Check out part one of this survival kit to help you thrive at your next concert or festival.

UT Health Austin ophthalmologist, Gene Kim, MD, encourages healthy contact lens wear and care.

Articles touting the health benefits of red wine are a mainstay of the pop-science press. Carla Cos, RDN, LD, takes us behind the hype.

Stephen Strakowski, MD, offers advice for teens and their caregivers looking to manage academic stress.

UT Health Austin chiropractor Sylvia Deily, DC, Cert MDT, shares insight on how to stay healthy and active when sitting all day as you return to work or school.

Without proper food safety practices, outdoor meals this season might result in foodborne illnesses. UT Health Austin primary care clinicians, Scott Selinger, MD, FACP, and Kristin Vinueza, APRN, FNP, share their insight into what causes food poisoning and how you can prevent it.

UT Health Austin dietitian Carla Cos, RDN, LD, advises practicing outdoor food safety during hot summer days to protect you and your loved ones.

A UT Health Austin neurologist explains how toxins from algae, such as those found in Lady Bird Lake, Lake Austin, and Barton Springs this summer, can harm you and your pets.

Supply chain disruptions have resulted in elevated costs and limited variety of the period product.

Outdoor activities are in full swing and that means we're all soaking up a lot more sun and hot weather, exposing ourselves to heat-related illness.

10-20% of Americans suffer from the winter blues, but these feelings shouldn’t keep you from pursuing what’s important to you. UT Health Austin social workers share tips on how to boost your mood during the winter season.

Since opening in 2017, UT Health Austin’s clinical practice has grown to include over 60 primary care, walk-in, and specialty clinics, including established adult and pediatric programs in partnership with Ascension Seton and Dell Children's Medical Center, which bring together world-class experts to provide the best possible care throughout Central Texas and beyond. UT Health Austin has also opened several onsite services, such as the UT Health Austin Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) and a full-service H-E-B pharmacy.

Heading into the holiday season can be overwhelming. UT Health Austin's Clinical Manager of Social Work and Integrated Behavioral Health Cynthia Corral, LCSW, shares how practicing mindfulness can help keep the upcoming holidays merry and bright.

COVID-19 General Health Dec 8, 2021

With the holidays comes shopping, lots of shopping, which can become a complicated task as we continue to navigate COVID-19. Follow this guide to limit your exposure to and prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne illnesses to ensure we all enjoy a happy and safe holiday season.

Avoid heartburn this Thanksgiving. UT Health Austin Digestive Health experts share 15 tips for curbing GERD symptoms during the holidays.

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer diagnosed in women globally. Find out how early detection saves lives.

UT Health Austin board-certified gastroenterologist and fellowship-trained hepatologist Deepak Agrawal, MD, MPH, shares advice on when you should seek out the help of a gastrointestinal specialist.

UT Health Austin registered dietitian Krystle Zuniga, PhD, RD, LD, shares 7 tips for committing to a healthier lifestyle.

When caring for a loved one with dementia, navigating changes in their behavior can be challenging. UT Health Austin’s Comprehensive Memory Center shares tips on how to respond to symptoms of dementia-related behaviors.

Caregiving can be both rewarding and stressful at the same time. Recognizing that caregivers also need support is critical to maintaining optimal health so that caregivers can continue to adequately care for loved ones. UT Health Austin experts share tips on managing caregiver stress.

January has been designated National Glaucoma Awareness Month in hopes of increasing awareness about glaucoma, the second leading cause of blindness worldwide. UT Health Austin’s fellowship-trained glaucoma specialist, Eileen Bowden, MD, answers questions related to glaucoma prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and more.

UT Health Austin dietitian Krystal Zuniga, PhD, RD, LD, shares tips for setting and achieving healthier eating goals and reminds us that no goal is too small.

UT Health Austin gastroenterologist Linda A. Feagins, MD, who serves as the Director of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease clinical practice within Digestive Health, provides an in-depth explanation of IBD, including types, common symptoms, causes, treatment, and more.

UT Health Austin geriatric psychiatrist Gayle Ayers, DO, shares tips on navigating visitation with residents in long-term care facilities during COVID-19.

On October 20, 2020, UT Health Austin welcomed a new, full-service H-E-B pharmacy to the first floor of the Health Transformation Building (HTB). In addition to supporting the prescription needs of UT Health Austin patients, the pharmacy is open to the public for their pharmaceutical needs.

UT Health Austin internal medicine specialist, Scott Selinger, MD, FACP, shares how you can prevent, delay, or alleviate a lot of chronic health conditions by utilizing preventive care measures.

COVID-19 General Health Aug 3, 2020

UT Health Austin supportive and survivorship specialist Elizabeth Kvale, MD, MSPH, who serves as the Survivorship Medical Director of the Livestrong Cancer Institutes, shares the importance of choosing a medical decision maker who can voice your care preferences if you find yourself in a situation where you cannot make medical decisions for yourself.

Executive Director for UT Health Austin’s Walk-In Clinic Edward Bernacki, MD, MPH, shares education around heat-related conditions and tips for those who are most at risk.

You may need more than just an annual wellness check depending on your involvement in activities. Here's a review of the different types of exams you or your family may need.

UT Health Austin internal medicine specialist Scott Selinger, MD, FACP, shares advice on safely celebrating the Fourth of July during COVID-19.

The Fourth of July is the most dangerous American holiday of the year. Stay safe by avoiding these common Independence Day accidents and continuing to take CDC-recommended precautions to slow the spread of COVID-19.

June is Men's Health Month. Explore these five reasons why men shouldn't put off visiting their doctor.

COVID-19 General Health Jun 5, 2020

Explore guidelines released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on how employees can stay healthy as they continue to navigate the public health threat of COVID-19.

COVID-19 General Health Jun 1, 2020

If you are a business owner and making efforts to reopen soon or have already reopened, explore these interim guidelines released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help protect your employees and customers from COVID-19.

General Health Nutrition May 18, 2020

UT Health Austin registered dietitian Krystle Zuniga, PhD, RD, LD, shares tips on how best to support and strengthen your immune system.

Learn more about your body's immune system and how exactly immunity works.

Explore COVID-19 precautions for those employees who are returning to work.

Having to self-quarantine and practice social distancing has created disruptions to our daily routines that can impact our healthy eating habits. UT Health Austin dietitian Krystle Zuniga, PhD, RD, LD, is here to offer tips on how to maintain a healthy diet as you continue to navigate this new normal.

Has working from home become, quite literally, a pain in the neck? While we can’t relieve the pressure your boss may be putting on you, UT Health Austin chiropractors can help you make minor adjustments to your workspace to reduce your joint pain.

COVID-19 General Health Apr 7, 2020

To help slow the spread of COVID-19, the CDC has recommended wearing cloth face masks when you are carrying out essential errands. Find out how to properly make, wear, remove, and clean your mask at home.

Excessive time spent at home may lead to a more sedentary lifestyle. If you are experiencing aches and pains from lack of movement, explore these at-home physical therapy exercises to help relax tense muscles, reduce aches, and make you feel better overall.

Don't overlook the benefits of fitting exercise into your daily routine just because you're stuck at home. UT Health Austin physical therapists have compiled effective ways for you to fit in a good workout that require no equipment, no gym, and little to no money.

Severely painful periods are not normal and can be a sign of a more serious problem. Women's Health experts Christina Salazar, MD, and Michael Breen, MD, discuss causes, symptoms, risk factors, diagnoses, and treatment options for endometriosis as well as current research being conducted to potentially diagnose endometriosis without surgery.

At UT Health Austin, social workers are often a part of the patient’s care team, helping patients manage their diagnosis as well as any personal, social, or emotional difficulties they may be experiencing. If you or a loved one was recently diagnosed with a life-altering medical condition, find out how UT Health Austin social workers are here to help you navigate this difficult journey.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. While heart disease may be common, it doesn’t have to be inevitable. Watch our video for tips on how to keep your heart healthy and happy.

UT Health Austin medical oncologist Laura Chow, MD, who specializes in head and neck cancers, finds 73% of head and neck cancers are caused by vaccine-preventable human papillomavirus (HPV).

Human papillomavirus is the cause of 99% of cervical cancers, 73% of head and neck cancers, and linked to various other cancers of the mouth and genitals. 4 out of every 5 people (a whopping 80%) will contract HPV within their lifetime, yet it's still flying under the radar. Find out why.

Cancer General Health Dec 6, 2019

Genetic testing can be an important preventive health strategy. Learn how UT Health Austin genetic counselor Kalisi Logan consults genetic testing to help her patients better manage their health.