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UT Health Austin maternal-fetal medicine specialist Radek Bukowski, MD, PhD, uses computational medicine to help inform patient decision-making, empowering patients, such as Emily Worland, to make the best decisions possible for themselves and their babies. Find out how through the use of personalized data gave Emily confidence in her decision to deliver her baby via elective C-section.

UT Health Austin maternal-fetal medicine specialist, Radek Bukowski, MD, PhD, leverages computational medicine to inform individualized pregnancy care. Find out how computational medicine can help combat pregnancy complications and maternal mortality in expecting patients.

Alison Cahill, MD, MSCIIf you test positive for COVID-19 while pregnant and are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms, UT Health Austin maternal-fetal medicine specialist Alison Cahill, MD, MSCI, recommends considering monoclonal antibody infusion therapy within the first 10 days of symptom onset to help lessen the severity of the disease for both you and your unborn baby. Find out why.

On July 7, 2021, parents Shelby Herrington and Logan Wade welcomed their daughter Paisley, the first baby born in the new Dell Children’s Specialized Delivery Unit (SDU). The SDU, which opened in early July, and just in time for Paisley’s arrival, is an 11-bed labor and delivery unit that provides immediate comprehensive care to healthy mothers and their high-risk babies at the time of delivery.

After being diagnosed with a fetal condition that was deemed untreatable, mom-to-be Amber Cessac sought specialty treatment from fetal medicine specialist Kenneth Moise, Jr., MD, who now serves as the Director of the Comprehensive Fetal Care Center, a clinical partnership between UT Health Austin and Dell Children’s Medical Center.

Fetal Care Women's Health May 18, 2021

Unanticipated complications during your pregnancy, labor, or birth are not necessarily signs that you or your baby will be unable to return home happy and healthy. You may, however, need ongoing supportive care from a maternal-fetal medicine specialist to ensure the best possible health outcomes for both you and your baby. Find out how UT Health Austin Maternal-fetal medicine specialists can help you make informed decisions about your own health as well as the health of your baby so that you can find solace in a time of uncertainty.

On May 5th, the Comprehensive Fetal Care Center, a clinical partnership between UT Health Austin and Dell Children’s Medical Center, began seeing patients at the new Dell Children’s Specialty Pavilion that is attached to Dell Children’s Medical Center. The Comprehensive Fetal Care Center is the first and only comprehensive program in Central Texas that provides care for babies with congenital conditions from start to finish, including care for the mother and baby during pregnancy, delivery of the baby, and care of the baby after birth, all in one place.