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UT Health Austin clinicians participate in community engagement and advocacy efforts to improve patient outcomes.

Patient travels across the globe to receive care through the Musculoskeletal Institute.

UT Health Austin psychologist provides mental health support for local musicians.

Karl Koenig, MD, FAOA, FAAOS, FAAHKS, an orthopedic surgeon and the Executive Director of UT Health Austin’s Musculoskeletal Institute, establishes connections with patients to better understand their priorities, preferences, and beliefs.

On July 1, 2022, Leo Rodriguez was born with a rare congenital heart defect that resulted in being waitlisted for a heart transplant. 269 days later, baby Leo was cleared to leave the hospital for the first time in his life.

UT Health Austin providers share what to know about the common habit ­– and when to break it.

The Chief of Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesiology at the Texas Center for Congenital and Pediatric Heart Disease serves as an editor for the latest edition of a leading textbook that will inform care for years to come.

General Health Apr 14, 2023

UT Health Austin’s Quality Care, Patient Safety, and Infection Prevention and Control initiative aims to prevent and reduce risks, errors, and adverse effects associated with healthcare delivery. Learn how UT Health Austin promotes a strong culture of safety by reporting and openly discussing adverse events, with the goal of establishing and applying systematic changes to prevent future adverse events and improve patient safety and quality of care.

UT Health Austin perinatal and reproductive psychiatrist shares tips on navigating the postpartum period.

Kenneth Moise, Jr., MD, a fetal medicine specialist and Director of the Comprehensive Fetal Care Center, emphasizes the importance of family-centered care that includes care for the mother and baby before, during, and after pregnancy.

Neurosciences Pediatrics Mar 27, 2023

UT Health Austin Pediatric Neurosciences at Dell Children's offers an innovative new treatment to patients under the age of two.

General Health Mar 22, 2023

Have you ever felt rushed during a doctor’s appointment or forgot to ask questions when the time came? You are not alone. Explore steps you can take to ensure you get the most out of your visit with your provider.

Abdominal Transplant Mar 19, 2023

Living kidney donor cycles the paths kidneys travel from donor to recipient throughout the United States to promote kidney health and living donor awareness.

For parents Linda and Robert Sedillo, it was seemingly impossible to find a heart surgeon to take on their infant daughter Rubi’s case. When they reached out to the Texas Center for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease, they were met with a care team willing to address their needs and support them in a path forward for Rubi. Find out how receiving care at the Texas Center for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease helped them become better advocates for their child's health.

Austin undergraduate students collaborate with faculty and staff at the Dell Medical School to transform health care.

Nicole Turgeon, MD, a transplant surgeon and the Surgical Director for the Abdominal Transplant Center, empowers her patients to become active participants in their care.

A UT Health Austin speech-language pathologist collaborates with other UT Austin researchers to advance swallowing disorder treatment.

The Texas Center for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease contributes to the chain of survival that played a vital role in an 11-year-old soccer player's miraculous recovery.

A UT Health Austin social worker shares strategies for engaging in healthy dialogue with your significant other and how curiosity can play a significant role in maintaining a healthy relationship.

Surgery Women's Health Feb 8, 2023

A UT Health Austin fellowship-trained gynecologic surgeon shares the advantages of minimally invasive gynecologic surgery.

Money problems are often among the first signs of cognitive decline.

UT Health Austin clinical neuropsychologist appears as a guest on NPR's Morning Edition, discussing how Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia leave seniors at risk for financial mismanagement and exploitation.

Neurosciences Jan 27, 2023

The Dell Medical School receives a $1 million gift to support MS-focused research and inform patient care received through UT Health Austin's Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology Center.

Ophthalmology Jan 25, 2023

A fellowship-trained glaucoma specialist from UT Health Austin discusses the different types of the condition.

You may already own the next cutting-edge dementia prevention tool.

Keep an eye on your vision during continuous use of screen time to ease eye strain.

Cancer Women's Health Jan 13, 2023

UT Health Austin gynecologic oncologist shares how keeping up with screenings can reduce your risk for cervical cancer.

Acclaimed cardiovascular surgeon George Arnaoutakis, M.D., has joined the Institute for Cardiovascular Health – a clinical partnership between Ascension Texas and UT Health Austin, the clinical practice of Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin.

A UT Health Austin psychologist clears up misconceptions surrounding the mental health condition.

Clinician Spotlights Jan 5, 2023

Ten UT Health Austin physicians are recognized as Top Doctors in the January 2023 issue of Austin Monthly magazine.

Since opening in 2017, UT Health Austin’s clinical practice has grown to include over 60 primary care, walk-in, and specialty clinics, including established adult and pediatric programs in partnership with Ascension Seton and Dell Children's Medical Center, which bring together world-class experts to provide the best possible care throughout Central Texas and beyond. UT Health Austin has also opened several onsite services, such as the UT Health Austin Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) and a full-service H-E-B pharmacy.

Flying home for the holidays? Rama Thyagarajan, MD, shares tips to prevent the spread of illness on the way.

Gastroenterology Dec 8, 2022

Claims about the gut's role in overall wellbeing have flooded social media in recent months. Digestive Health gastroenterologist Kavitha Kumbum, MD, breaks down what you really need to know.

A ring of bells commemorates a significant milestone for donors and recipients at the Abdominal Transplant Center.

If mood changes at that time of the month are more than you can bear, you're not alone. D. Jeffrey Newport, MD, weighs in on premenstrual dysphoric disorder and how Women's Reproductive Mental Health of Texas can help.

Rheumatology Nov 29, 2022

Rheumatologist Kevin Hackshaw, MD, says that changes in atmospheric pressure, not temperature, can drive symptom flares.

Ophthalmology Nov 21, 2022

Vision damage resulting from high blood sugar is common among people with diabetes, but it isn’t inevitable, says Eileen Bowden, MD.

Cancer Gastroenterology Nov 16, 2022

Digestive Health gastroenterologists break down the latest guidelines.

Nov 15, 2022

Alefiyah Malbari, MD, pediatrician and the Chief of Dell Children’s Medical Group Pediatrics Mueller, a clinical partnership between Dell Children’s Medical Center and UT Health Austin, shares insight on what to expect from the recent surge in respiratory syncytial virus or RSV.

A new tool designed in the Comprehensive Memory Center could improve cognitive screening capabilities in the primary care setting.

Orthopedics Nov 10, 2022

The Sports and Injury Clinic’s expansive approach to sports medicine helps first responders, military personnel, and more perform to the best of their ability.

Lincoln Contrearas' treatment at the Texas Center for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease granted his family optimism for the future.

Stay healthy and safe this fall season with these tips and resources.

When the CEO of Special Olympics Texas injured his Achilles tendon, he trusted the Sports and Injury Clinic with his treatment.

Digestive Health surgeons join a multi-center clinical trial to determine the best surgical techniques for gastroesophageal reflux disease patients with hiatal hernia.

Treat you and your loved ones to a sweet and safe Halloween with these tips.

Rama Thyagarajan, MD, from the Infectious Disease Clinic shares what Austinites should know at this stage of the pandemic.

Treatment at the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinic got Joseph Yousefi back to doing what he loves.

Orthopedics Oct 17, 2022

Practitioners at the Musculoskeletal Institute help patients prevent bone fractures before they occur.

A weekly virtual art workshop provides an outlet for patients in the Post-COVID-19 Program at UT Health Austin.