In-Office Procedures

In-Office Surgery

When people think of surgery, they tend to think of a hospital operating room and anesthesia. Now, many surgeries of the hand, wrist, and elbow are done in the office using newer techniques for local anesthesia.

We understand the need for convenient and affordable surgery. We perform many hand, wrist, and elbow surgeries in our office. Among those surgeries are carpal tunnel or trigger finger release and procedures for Dupuytren disease or a ganglion cyst . Many small injuries can also be treated with office surgery.

Advantages to having an in-office surgery:

  • The total time spent in the doctor’s office is around an hour.
  • The procedure itself is approximately ten minutes.
  • The procedure is relatively affordable, with multiple payment options.
  • You can eat breakfast the day of your surgery.
  • For some procedures, you can drive yourself home.
  • It’s easier and more convenient and accessible than a hospital or surgery center.

Testimonials from our patients –

Other than my preference not to travel (came all the way from Canada), having the in-office procedure felt matter of fact. I felt calmer, my brain and body were happier, overall easier to digest versus all the hoops you have to through to get a procedure done at the hospital. – S.

I felt comfortable, and dealing with the doctors was easy, and that made me feel at ease. Dr. Ring is amazing! He is very informative; nothing could have been better. – H.

Having the procedure done in the office was faster compared to going to the hospital (everything takes forever there). The doctors and nurses were great, they kept me comfortable, and I was in and out. – S.

I felt very attended to. The attention to detail and time spent on me was excellent, wouldn’t change a thing. – M.

Everything was very fast! Nothing I would change – everything was great. – J.