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About Carpal Tunnel

The pain, numbness and tingling sensation in your hands that accompanies carpal tunnel syndrome can make it difficult to get a good night sleep. At times, numbness can be so intense that it becomes painful and overtime numbness can become constant and permanent. When treatments such as wrist braces and corticosteroids don’t provide relief, surgery may be an option to relieve pressure on the median nerve to alleviate symptoms and prevent the condition from getting worse. At UT Health Austin, our carpal tunnel surgeons understand that improved mobility and functionality is the highest priority in helping you return to your normal lifestyle. We will work with you to customize a treatment plan with your goals in mind and with a team of physicians and providers who are here to help you every step of the way, before your carpal tunnel surgery and through recovery process.

Carpal Tunnel Treatment at UT Health Austin

The timing of your surgery is largely based on the severity of your condition. Upon evaluation of your hands, your carpal tunnel surgeon will confirm whether or not you in fact have carpal tunnel syndrome and then discuss possible treatment options including the use of a night splint or surgery. Carpal tunnel syndrome does slowly progress and eventually you will need surgery to relieve your symptoms and to stop further progression of the numbness. Your care team will work with you to understand the risks and benefits of surgery as well as what to expect for the procedure and recovery process. Most patients find immediate and long-term relief from carpal tunnel surgery and regain normal functions within the first few months of the recovery process.

Care Team Approach

We have assembled a team of experts that includes orthopedic surgeons, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, physical therapists, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, dietitians, and social workers. This team enables us to provide the right care for the right patient at the right time. For some patients, nonsurgical interventions such as lifestyle modifications, physical therapy, medication and injections can help improve pain and function, while surgery may be the best course of action for others. Whatever your needs, our team is here to listen and work with you to develop a treatment plan that is right for you.

Clinic Treating Carpal Tunnel

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