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About Ganglion Cysts of the Wrist and Hand

A ganglion cyst is a full pocket of fluid creating a firm bump in the hand or wrist. It’s a collection of the fluid that helps the bones and tendons move easier. They can look strange, but they’re harmless. Ganglion cysts can occur in various locations, but they are most common on the back of the wrist.

Ganglion Cysts Treatment at UT Health Austin

Our team examines the bump and can usually determine whether it is ganglion cyst. You might have slight pain with push-ups and similar activities. If you experience more than a little pain, it is probably not coming from the ganglion. The cyst can go away on its own. It usually comes back if you pop it with a needle. Surgery to remove the cyst is an option. After surgery, you may no longer have the bump, but you will have a scar. After surgery, there is a 1 in 10 chance the ganglion cyst will return within about a year.

About the Musculoskeletal Institute

The Musculoskeletal Institute at UT Health Austin works to improve the overall health of every patient. Whether you are suffering from chronic joint pain or an injury, our doctor-led care teams work to find treatment goals to fit your lifestyle. We understand that improving your quality of life is important to you, which is why our team will work with you to personalize your treatment plan. For some patients, your goal may be to set a personal record when you run your next marathon. For others, it may be to comfortably play with your grandkids at the park. Whatever your goals, we’ll work with you to achieve them.