Young Adult Advisory Board

The Livestrong Cancer Institutes’ Young Adult Advisory Board is made up of young adult cancer patients, survivors, and loved ones who work directly with clinical providers and staff to recognize gaps in support for young adults with cancer and to rethink cancer care. Their personal experiences make them experts on what matters most to young adults navigating a cancer diagnosis. These young adult advisors work closely with the Livestrong Cancer Institutes on identifying needs in patient education, research, and evaluation initiatives, including the evaluation of the Livestrong Cancer Institutes’ CaLM Model of Whole-Person Cancer Care.

About the Young Adult Cancer Program

The Young Adult Cancer Program was co-designed with the help of the Young Adult Advisory Board. The services offered through the Young Adult Cancer Program are tailored to this specific patient population and delivered in coordination with the patient’s entire care team to ensure the patient’s treatment plan addresses the full spectrum of the patient’s needs and preferences.

Young adults with a cancer diagnosis typically do not fit into the traditional pediatric or adult cancer care models. Because of their unique needs, the Young Adult Cancer Program was created to better understand the goals of this patient population and to connect them with the appropriate resources. This involves all members of the patient’s care team, including medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, physiatrists, genetic counselors, physical therapists, dietitians, social workers, and more, and usually includes helping patients address social isolation or emotional distress, understanding how their treatment may impact their fertility, or guidance on how to talk about their cancer diagnosis with colleagues, supervisors, peers, and loved ones.

Joining the Young Adult Advisory Board

The Young Adult Advisory Board is always looking for creative young adult advisors who are willing to help further develop the Young Adult Cancer Program.

Advisors have the unique opportunity to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the healthcare system and service delivery
  • Share their personal opinions, experiences, and perspectives
  • Inform patient care
  • Enhance the cancer care experience
  • Become advocates for patient and family-centered health care in their community
  • Improve how patients become active participants in their own health care
  • Connect with peers who have also experienced cancer or cared for someone with cancer as a YA

If you are a young adult who has been directly impacted by cancer and are interested in joining the Young Adult Advisory Board, please reach out to the Young Adult Cancer Program at