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About Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Unlike typical muscle pain, symptoms of myofascial pain syndrome persist and worsen over time. Trigger points may form in muscles after injury or overuse. At UT Health Austin, we understand that chronic pain can have major adverse physical and psychological effects, and we are dedicating to helping you alleviate your pain.

Myofascial Pain Syndrome Treatment at UT Health Austin

Our team of experts will evaluate your medical history and symptoms prior to your visit, and conduct a thorough physical examination at the time of your appointment. During the examination, your doctor may apply gentle pressure to the area in pain to elicit a trigger point response. Other tests may be conducted to rule out possible causes of pain. Treatment may include medication, physical therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, or injections. Your care team is dedicated to finding a solution to relieve your chronic pain and allow you to focus on what really matters.

About Comprehensive Pain Management

Many complex pain conditions that adversely affect people’s lives. Comprehensive Pain Management at UT Health Austin recognizes this complexity and treats the whole person. Our approach to the whole person means that in addition to conventional pain treatments like medications and injections, we use exercise and strengthening, address sleep problems, and teach coping and mindfulness skills, so that our patients can focus on the productive and meaningful aspects of their lives.