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About this Clinic

Exceptional Value Delivery

Our team-based approach delivers the care your employees need, when and where they need it. With immediate, on-site access to UT Health Austin specialty services, the WorkLife Health Solutions team assesses and treats acute non-urgent work-related injuries in accordance with evidence-based medicine standards and ODG guidelines.

Efficient Case Management

WorkLife Health Solutions provides proactive case management that includes a full range of administrative support, electronic medical records, diagnostic imaging, network eligibility and referral coordination services. Across the entire care cycle, our team of experts is organized to ensure a standardized level of excellence and efficiency.

Real-Time Progress Reporting

Employers can use our secure online portal to follow an employee’s progress through real-time treatment updates, drug and other screening results, appointment compliance and follow-up reporting. From registration through return to work, each plan is documented in a fiscally transparent, easy-to-understand reporting structure.

Specialists in this Team

Associate Provider (Nurse Practitioner/ Physician Assistant)

Your Associate Provider is an important part of your care team. This provider works in collaboration with other members of your care team to find the appropriate diagnosis and treatment of your condition. Your associate provider is dedicated to helping you meet your goals and improving your quality of life.

Medical Assistant

Your Medical Assistant (MA), also known as your care coordinator, will be with you during most of your visit. Going forward, your care coordinator helps advocate for your needs and assists you in receiving the mutually agreed upon care.


Your care team is made up of surgical and non-surgical physicians to help ensure you have the best options available for your care based on your specific needs. Our multidisciplinary team offers a variety of treatments and approaches to your care and will work with you to development a treatment plan based on your goals. If surgery is involved in your treatment, your care team will work with you to understand the risks and benefits and what you can expect throughout your recovery.

Outcomes Specialist

At UT Health Austin, we improve care for every patient by measuring the outcomes that matter most to you. Your Outcomes Specialist follows your progress throughout the course of your care to ensure your goals were met and then shares this information with your care team so that we can continue to learn, teach and grow to deliver better more specialized care.