About this Clinic

The WorkLife Employee Walk-in Clinic operated by UT Health Austin provides convenient medical care for minor conditions when you need it.  Our goal is to provide superior, same-day medical care for busy individuals close to where you work. Our Care Team understands the importance of maintaining a healthy workforce for employees and their employers.  

Specialists in this Team

Associate Provider (Nurse Practitioner/ Physician Assistant)

Your associate provider will become an important part of your care team. This provider works in collaboration with other members of your care team to find the appropriate diagnosis and treatment of your condition. Your associate provider is dedicated to helping you meet your goals and improving your quality of life. 

Medical Assistant

The Medical Assistant (MA), also called your care coordinator, will be with you during most of your visit. Going forward, the MA helps advocate for your needs and assists you in receiving the mutually agreed upon care.


Your care team is staffed with surgical and non-surgical physicians to help ensure you have the best options based on your specific needs. If surgery is your best option, you will work with your care team to set goals before and after surgery. If this is not the best option, our multidisciplinary team will offer many other treatments and approaches to meet your needs. 

Outcomes Specialist

At UT Health Austin, we improve care for every patient by measuring the outcomes that matter most. The Outcomes Specialist follows your progress throughout the course of your care and then shares this information so that we can continue to grow in a learning environment.  


Learners, which include medical students and residents, are a vital part of your care team. Not only can learners provide helpful insights, but your participation can help them learn how to better care for future generations of Austinites.