You can now use a single set of credentials to access all of your personal Athena Patient Portal accounts, even if you have an athenahealth account with another health system or doctor’s office outside of UTHA.

To begin the single sign on process go to and click on the MyUTHA Patient Portal Link:

single sign on

The log-in will take you to Athena Log-in screen for UT Health Austin. Select the Purple log in button

athena slide

Setting up your Single Sign-On

The log in screen will look a little different, but no new email or password is needed. Just enter your current email and password as usual to activate your athenahealth account. You’ll complete a one-time set-up, including verifying a recovery phone to better protect your account. You will also be prompted to confirm your user demographics.

How does Single Sign-On benefit you?

Single sign-on will allow you to log in with your credentials anywhere you see the purple “Log in with athenahealth” button, granting you access and management of your online accounts from UT Health Austin or any other participating doctor’s office or health care entity with just one email and password.

If you have questions about the MyUTHA patient portal, please call our Access and Outcomes Center at 1-833-882-2737, Monday-Friday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. Or, you can download the athenahealth Patient FAQ here.