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About Thoracic Spine Pain

Thoracic spine pain occurs in your upper and mid back. This pain can have a wide variety of causes, including a spinal column or canal disorder, poor posture, heart and lung problems, gastrointestinal problems, kidney problems, cancer, muscle spasms, or even carrying too heavy a backpack. Whatever causes your thoracic spine pain, UT Health Austin’s team of experts is dedicated to relieving your pain.

Thoracic Spine Pain Treatment at UT Health Austin

Our team of experts will evaluate your medical history, conduct a thorough physical examination, and obtain any radiologic imaging necessary to pinpoint the cause of your pain. Additionally, a provocation test may be done to reproduce your symptoms and determine the cause of your condition. Whether you require medication, physical therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, injections, or surgery, your care team will develop a treatment plan designed to reduce your pain and relieve symptoms.

Care Team Approach

We have assembled a team of experts that includes a Pain Medicine Physician, Interventional Pain Management Physician, Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner, Physical Therapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Psychiatrist, and Pharmacist to treat your needs. Our team is here to listen and collaborate to develop a treatment plan that is right for you.