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About Sciatica and Neurogenic Claudication

Sciatica and neurogenic claudication are conditions in which pain is felt down the leg but is due to problems in the lower back. This pain is a result of nerve roots, branching off the spinal cord, becoming compressed or inflamed. Many times, the pattern of pain gives a strong clue as to which nerve root may be involved. Other times, the pain is more generally felt throughout one leg or both legs, which also gives a clue as to the origin of pain. In either case, radiologic imaging of the lower back helps to identify the problem area. This information can then be used to create the best possible treatment plan. At UT Health Austin, we understand that severe pain in one or both legs keeps you from participating in many activities which you enjoy. We are dedicated to relieving your pain with a treatment plan that allows you to focus on what matters most to you.

Treating Sciatica at UT Health Austin

Our team of experts will evaluate your medical history, review past and current imaging or order new imaging, and conduct a thorough physical examination to determine the cause of your pain. Treatment recommendations may include physical therapy, medications, injections, other minimally invasive procedures, or surgery. Our care team is determined to help you reduce and manage your pain so you can focus on what really matters.

Care Team Approach

We have assembled a team of experts that includes a Pain Medicine Physician, Interventional Pain Management Physician, Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner, Physical Therapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Psychiatrist, and Pharmacist to treat your needs. Our team is here to listen and collaborate to develop a treatment plan that is right for you.

When is sciatica an emergency?

If you suddenly develop new onset weakness, falls, foot drop, or loss of bowel or bladder control, seek immediate medical attention.