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About Joint Pain

Joint pain is discomfort, pain or inflammation coming from any part of a joint, including cartilage, bone, ligaments, tendons, or muscles. Joint pain commonly refers to arthritis or arthralgia. Joint pain can range from a mild soreness to severe pain that is debilitating.

Joint Pain Treatment at UT Health Austin

Our team of experts will evaluate your medical history and symptoms and conduct a thorough examination to identify the cause of your pain. Depending on the source and severity of your joint pain, your treatment may include a medication, physical therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, injections, or surgery.

About Comprehensive Pain Management

Many complex pain conditions that adversely affect people’s lives. Comprehensive Pain Management at UT Health Austin recognizes this complexity and treats the whole person. Our approach to the whole person means that in addition to conventional pain treatments like medications and injections, we use exercise and strengthening, address sleep problems, and teach coping and mindfulness skills, so that our patients can focus on the productive and meaningful aspects of their lives.