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About Chronic Headaches

Most people get headaches from time to time, and the majority are not persistent or life threatening. However, our care team takes headaches seriously. Chronic headaches present a major obstacle to your day-to-day routine, can be quite debilitating, or can indicate a more severe underlying medical problem. At UT Health Austin, our goal is to develop a treatment plan that allows you to focus on your daily activities and responsibilities, not your pain.

Treating Chronic Headaches at UT Health Austin

Prior to your visit, our team of care providers reviews your medical records. During your appointment, our team will conduct a thorough examination to better understand your condition and your goals. Collectively, we develop a care plan designed to reduce pain intensity, other symptoms, and frequency of your headaches. Based on the type and severity of your pain, you may receive prescription medications, physical therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, or minimally-invasive nerve blocks.

When to See A Doctor About Chronic Headaches

You should see a doctor when you experience two or more headaches a week, when your headaches are disabling, when you notice changes to your headache pattern or severity, or when you need more than the recommended dose of over-the-counter pain medication to manage your symptoms.

About Comprehensive Pain Management

Many complex pain conditions that adversely affect people’s lives. Comprehensive Pain Management at UT Health Austin recognizes this complexity and treats the whole person. Our approach to the whole person means that in addition to conventional pain treatments like medications and injections, we use exercise and strengthening, address sleep problems, and teach coping and mindfulness skills, so that our patients can focus on the productive and meaningful aspects of their lives.