About the Inpatient Grace Grego Maxwell Mental Health Unit

The Inpatient Grace Grego Maxwell Health Unit is a 24-bed inpatient hospital that brings children and adolescents (ages 6-17) back to a level of safety and stability, so they can return home as quickly as possible.

Who is the Inpatient Grace Grego Maxwell Mental Health Unit for?

The Inpatient Grace Grego Maxwell Mental Health Unit is for children and adolescents showing significant signs of mental distress that requires immediate treatment. If you think your child is showing such symptoms, please call our 24/7 acute crisis line at 1-512-324-0029 to speak with a licensed counselor, who is qualified to understand your current situation and direct you to the appropriate services.

If you think your child is in mental health crisis and might harm themselves or others, please call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room.

What can I expect to get out of the Inpatient Grace Grego Maxwell Mental Health Unit?

Children and adolescents will be provided with immediate evaluation, 24-hour nursing and psychiatric care, medication as needed, and a plan for future outpatient treatment. Our team of experts works with patients and their families to identify and help manage behavioral and mental health concerns and develop an individualized treatment plan to address these needs once a child returns home. Once stabilized, patients are encouraged to continue treatment through participation in one of our intensive outpatient programs.

Key facts about inpatient care:

  • Goal is stabilization of the symptoms to bring the patient back to safety
  • Treatment length ranges from four to 10 days
  • Includes individualized, family-oriented treatment, psychiatric management, and psycho-education groups

For more information on our Pediatric Psychiatry inpatient program for children and adolescents or to schedule an assessment to determine the level of care that is right for your child and your family, please call us at 1-512-324-0029 or email us at childrensmentalhealth@ascension.org.