Treating you as a whole person—instead of simply as a patient with chronic pain—starts with understanding how your pain condition is negatively affecting your overall health and well-being.

Our approach then integrates medical, physical, and cognitive-behavioral pain treatment options.

The main goals of our interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation are to decrease our patients’ pain and disability and to increase their function.

We also emphasize patient self-management. We help you learn strategies to better manage your pain so you can return to the activities that are truly important to you.

We empower you by giving you specific tools to improve function in every aspect of your life, whether it’s returning to work or being able to enjoy leisure activities more comfortably.

Your Physical Therapy Sessions

Your physical therapy sessions at UT Health Austin will have three main goals:

  1. To help you understand your pain
  2. To help you develop effective strategies for controlling your pain
  3. To help you adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors to reduce your pain

We will utilize specific educational tools and individualized exercises to help you gain a sense of control around your painful body areas as well as use exercise to improve your mobility, strength, and balance.

Physical therapy might also include specific hands on treatment to reduce sensitivity to painful areas or mindfulness training to help your well-being. We use these tools because improved fitness and psychological well-being are associated with decreased pain and decreased need for medications.