Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinic

About This Clinic

UT Health Austin’s Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinic diagnoses, treats, and manages the complexities of irritable bowel disease (IBD) in adult patients (18 years and older). While patients with IBD can sometimes also have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), the majority of people with IBS do not have IBD. It is important to know that these two diseases should not be confused as they are treated very differently. Both diseases can lead to diarrhea and stomach pains, but IBD is caused by inflammation and ulcers in the bowel while the bowel looks normal in IBS. We want to ensure you are receiving the correct diagnoses and help you get the care you need.

Treatment Approach

At UT Health Austin, we take a multidisciplinary approach to your care. This means you will benefit from the expertise of multiple specialists across a variety of disciplines caring for you in one place, often during the same appointment, to avoid having to schedule multiple appointments with providers at locations all over the city. The Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinic care team includes gastroenterology specialists, dietitians, social workers, and more, who work together to help you get back to the things in your life that matter most to you.

We collaborate with our colleagues at The University of Texas at Austin and the Dell Medical School to utilize the latest research and treatment techniques, allowing us to provide you with more effective care options that can minimize damage, reduce complications, decrease symptoms, and help you live a relatively normal and productive life. Our research physicians can offer a variety of investigational drugs for patients who do not respond to standard therapies. Imaging and lab testing are also available on-site if needed.

Appointment Information

At UT Health Austin, we focus on you, the whole patient, making sure that you have the support you need throughout your care. To explore FAQs regarding your upcoming appointment, please click here.

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