Imaging Services

Imaging Services

UT Health Austin Imaging is a part of the whole-person focus you receive from our care teams. There is no need to make an appointment days or weeks away, or leave to get your imaging done at another location. If your provider orders an imaging study, in most cases, your imaging can be done as part of your scheduled appointment. By offering the services you need in one place, this efficient, collaborative model of care helps to save you precious time.

​Services We Offer

Diagnostic X-rays

Upper Body

Elbow, Fingers, Forearm, Hands, Humerus, Shoulders, Wrists

Lower Body

Ankle, Femur, Foot, Hip, Knee, Pelvis, Toes

Fluoroscopy Studies

Barium enema, Barium Swallows, IVP, Modified Barium Swallows, Upper Gastrointestinal Series

Other Diagnostic Studies

Abdomen/Pelvis, Bone Age and Length, Chest x-ray, Ribs, Scoliosis, Spine (Cervical, Lumbar sacral, Thoracic)

Additional Imaging

Bone Densitometry

Bone Density and Body Composition


Abdomen/Upper Pelvis/Lower, Extremities, Transvaginal Ultrasound, Vascular Studies (Arterial, Carotid, Venous Doppler)

Women’s Health

Screening 3D Mammography and Bone Density

Advanced Imaging

CT, PET/CT, MRI - including functional MRI