Ambulatory Surgery Center - Opening Soon

About the ASC

UT Health Austin’s Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) gives patients (14 years and older) and their physicians a convenient and safe alternative for outpatient and selected short-stay surgical procedures. Fully equipped with the latest technology and IT integration, the ASC is staffed to provide same-day surgical care.

Inside the ASC, you will find three operating suites with state-of-the-art preoperative and post-anesthesia areas as well as 13 private, 110 square-foot recovery rooms that enable patients to recuperate post-surgery in the comfort of their own space. Advanced imaging and diagnostic technologies are also available in the adjacent Health Discovery Building if needed.

If you’re a physician interested in doing surgery at the ASC, please call 1-855-352-2900 for more information.

Appointment Information

At UT Health Austin, we focus on you, the whole patient, making sure that you have the support you need throughout your care. One of our team members will send you the ASC Patient Guide for Day Surgery, please review it thoroughly.